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Budget Management

Your budget is the most important part of the planning of your wedding, if you get this wrong your wedding day will not be what you wanted. You need to set this at an affordable level so that you do not start married life with a mountain of debt – because there is no fun in that!


This is quite often the most daunting aspect of the wedding planning process, and it is often poor management of the budget that puts unnecessary stresses and strains on the Bride and Groom, which, more often than not, leads to the day not being as special as you had hoped. This is also the area that causes the most problems for the extended family; the argument of who’s paying for what is one of the most common of pre-wedding arguments the family feuds (if this is already happening, please see the Family Management section).


This can all be avoided with careful management and control. This service also includes on-hand advice and guidance whenever you need it.

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